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Defence24 DAY Conference Postponed - Details to be Announced Soon

Defence24 Group decided to postpone the Defence24 DaY conference due to the coronavirus epidemic, following the recommendations made by the Polish Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Defence24 DAY event has been postponed to June 2020. The decision was made following a series of consulting meetings and dialogue with the partners involved in the event, in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. The decision also follows the recommendations made by the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

The initial plan assumed that the event would take place on March 18th, 2020. More details on the new dates will be unveiled soon.

Defence24 DAY is going to be a meeting of the representatives of the armed forces, defence industry and experts working in this field. Discussion panels that are to be held during the event will touch upon all of the most important subjects that have the attention of the Polish defence sector. The conference is to receive support and endorsement from the Ministry of Defence, National Security Bureau and of the Ministry of State Assets.