Dozer-Loaders by HSW for the Polish Military

SŁ-34C Dozer-Loader. Image Credit:
SŁ-34C Dozer-Loader. Image Credit:

34 examples of the SŁ-34C dozer loader vehicles would be received by the Polish military. Equipment as such is usually used during flood and natural disaster response scenarios for instance.

The agreement related to procurement of the new equipment was signed on 11th July by and between the HSW S.A. company and the Armament Inspectorate. The engineering vehicles in question is being used by the troops in crisis scenarios, for instance during flood or natural disaster response activities.

According to the Polish Ministry of Defence, the agreement concerns 34 SŁ-34C dozer-loader vehicles, with guaranteed procurement of 17 systems, with another 17 being envisaged to be acquired should the MoD decide to exercise the right of option.

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The agreement has a value of PLN 53.67 million (gross), 26.83 million zlotys covering the guaranteed portion. Another 26.83 million zlotys has been allocated to the optional portion. The delivery deadlines have been set in 2020 and 2021. 

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SŁ-34C dozer-loaders are used to load and transport material at short distances, push and accumulate the soil, level off the terrain and excavation, transport the tree trunks and half-products at short distances, grub-up tree trunks and carry out other engineering activities. This is possible thanks to a Cummins diesel engine producing a power output of 158 kilowatts (212 HP). SŁ-34 can carry 8 tonnes on a rake and 7.6 tonnes if a bucket is used. The bucket capacity is 2.6 cubic meters, it can be lifted up to 3.8-4 metres. The operating weight of the vehicle is around 22 tonnes.