Huta Stalowa Wola - A New Production Line to be Established

Image Credit: J Reszczyński
Image Credit: J Reszczyński

Before the summer holidays in Poland, a production hall is going to be expanded at the Huta Stalowa Wola facility. The modernized hall is going to provide space for a new chassis and turret body production line. Thanks to the support received from the Treasury, the Company has been increasing and enlarging its production infrastructure, required to implement the recently signed contracts and to take over the new technologies within the scope of processes and welding technologies, required to manufacture the chassis platforms for the armoured vehicles.

On 27th December 2016, the Treasury, on the basis of an agreement covering the provision of support not seen as state aid, has assisted the HSW S.A. facility with financial support in an amount of PLN 7.7 million. The agreement concerned acquisition of shares of the Company by the Treasury, within the increased share capital of the HSW company, and it was signed at the Polish Ministry of Defence on 24th March 2017. The aim of provision of the support which is not a state aid is to finance the implementation of technologies required to weld turret bodies and chassis elements for the military vehicles, manufactured out of armour plates.

The facility is going to create a new process line, necessary to implement the contracts, including the most significant agreement concluded recently by the Polish defence industry – the document concerning the delivery of four squadron-sized REGINA elements utilizing the Krab SPHs. The agreement related to procurement of the 155 mm KRAB self propelled howitzers and the accompanying platforms has been concluded on 14th December 2016.

In this way we are about to get ready for the chassis manufacturing technology transfer, with the know-how to be received from our foreign partner” - as Bernard Cichocki, HSW S.A. President of the Management Board informs. “The new manufacturing line in the newly erected hall will also be used for the purpose of implementation of other projects of ours, here I am referring to the programme, the goal of which is to create a new IFV” - Cichocki adds.

Huta Stalowa Wola is the leader of the initiative, the goal of which is to create a new IFV which would replace the obsolete BWP-1 platform, currently utilized by the Polish Army. The project is being implemented within the framework of the Borsuk (Badger) programme.