HSW Introduces Robotized Welding Technology [Video]

Image Credit: HSW
Image Credit: HSW

According to HSW S.A., final acceptance and hand off of the robotized welding stations have just taken place. This means that the company has finalized the assembly stage with regards to the advanced welding systems designed to be used in industrial manufacturing processes concerning a number of systems, including Krab and Rak turrets, ZSSW remote control turret modules and vehicle platforms, including M120G, WD and BWP systems. The investment has turned out to have a pricetag of PLN 6.6 million. 

It was in April this year when HSW S.A. has begun to introduce the state of the art technologies available, when it comes to the automatic combat vehicles hull and chassis welding - the company announced in its press release. 

Introduction of a universal robotized welding station that will be used to weld turret systems for Krab self-propelled howitzers, Rak self-propelled mortars, ZSSW turrets and chassis systems, including M120G, WD and BWP, is to make it possible for HSW to reach maximum quality and repetitiveness of the production process, also enhancing the efficiency of welding at the same time. This stems from the fact that all elements made out of armoured steel have been, so far, welded in a conventional, manual manner, with the use of modern welding systems. Meanwhile, using a smart robotized welding line is to guarantee enhancement of quality and ensure maintenance of high quality of the products. This will also make it possible to perform the work related to the Polish Armed Forces’ modernization programmes in a timely manner. HSW’s management hopes that the new investment would potentially boost the export capabilities, contributing to the development of the company’s business activities. According to HSW, the investment has turned out to have a pricetag of PLN 6.6 million.

The process line is an investment project that contributes to the HSW’s competitive advantage. Manufacturers who are unable to meet the qualitative requirements of their customers are regularly disappearing from the market. One of the most effective and most frequently chosen methods to improve the process quality comes in a form of automation. Modern attitude towards manufacturing as such guarantees improvement of, above all, qualitative standards and entails tangible benefits emerging on those grounds.

Bartłomiej Zając, acting President of the Management Board, General Director, HSW S.A.