HSW Modernizes Its Infrastructure

The new milling machine at HSW. Image Credit: HSW S.A.
The new milling machine at HSW. Image Credit: HSW S.A.

HSW S.A. is continuing the process, within which the production processes and infrastructure are to be modernized. The company is currently setting up one of the largest portal milling machines with a moving table in Poland. 

HSW claims that the system can be used to process large elements, such as chassis platforms for military and civil vehicles, parts of train carriages and locomotives, engine and pump bodies, drilling/chemical industry systems and components for conventional, wind and nuclear power-plants.

The investment undertaken at HSW contributes to our know-how and competitive edge that we have. We are constantly working on quality optimization when it comes to our manufacturing, which is done through automation. Modern approach as such guarantees that quality standard pertaining to our products is improved which would provide our company with quantifiable benefits.

Bartłomiej Zając, President of the Management Board and General Director at HSW S.A. 

Procurement had a pricetag of almost PLN 13.5 million. The equipment has a significant impact on improvement of the HSW S.A.’s manufacturing capability. Expansion of that domain is required to carry out work on the ongoing contracts.

The milling machine is first going to be utilized to manufacture the tracked platforms for the Krab sph. The system would also be employed to manufacture the remaining armoured platforms, current and prospective ones, including the Borsuk next generation amphibious IFV.

Set up is expected to be completed in July 2019. The whole system is also going to be first launched then. What comes next is inclusion of the machine in the manufacturing process.

Acquisition of the milling machine is yet another investment that is used to modernize the production process at HSW. Back in 2018 the company finalized construction works concerning a new, 3.5 thousand square meters production hall. The project also includes establishment of an X-ray lab featuring the volumetrically largest X-ray chamber in Poland, destined to be used for the purpose of examining high volume welded structures.