Is a new Engine for the Krab Howitzer Coming? HSW Comes into an Agreement with RENK

Krab is the HSW's flagship product.
Photo. cprl. Sławomir Kozioł / 18th Mechanized Division.

RENK Group and RENK America announced that a letter of intent has been signed with the Polish HSW S.A. company on the delivery and series manufacturing of key components for the Polish fighting vehicles.

The document pertains to bilateral cooperation in the tracked-vehicles domain. RENK Group is willing to deliver key components for the Polish company, including suspension systems, gearboxes, and complete power packs. Furthermore, the Parties are intending to start license-manufacturing of selected components at HSW or assign manufacturing to HSW-selected subcontractors.

Susanne Wiegand, CEO of RENK Group, said: ”In an ever-evolving world, the importance of reliable, cutting-edge technology in combat vehicles cannot be overstated. As the technology leaders in our respective domains, HSW and RENK Group are coming together to create a synergy that promises not only technological advancements but also a commitment to the security and well-being of our nation and its defenders.”

Ted Trzesniowski, CEO of RENK America added : ” This agreement allows RENK America to offer cost-effective, battle-proven power packs for HSW platforms and establish manufacturing capabilities in Poland. This agreement is further progressing defense/industrial cooperation between the United States and Poland.”

Jan Szwedo, President of HSW added: “This agreement defines cooperation opportunities between RENK and HSW. It is our intent to manufacture and test mobility hardware such as power packs, transmissions, and suspensions for our combat vehicles at our facility in Stalowa Wola. Cooperation with RENK will allow us to realize this vision in the near future.”

The release issued via LinkedIn does not mention the specific vehicles or components to which the memorandum pertains. The presence of RENK America representatives (RENK GmbH subsidiary) may suggest that HSW expressed interest in US-German power packs with the AVDS-1790 engine for the Krab sph. Other products manufactured by the US subsidiary may also be on the table here. The Polish self-propelled artillery piece is currently powered by an MTU MT 881 Ka-500 diesel engine coupled with the Allison X1100-5A3 hydrokinetic gearbox.

Photo. por. Marcin Pałka

RENK Group, with a seat in Augsburg, and its subsidiaries, deliver key technologies and components for the products coming from the PGZ Group’s portfolio, including gearboxes for the Leopard 2 (RENK HSWL 354) and K2GF Black Panther (RENK HSWL 295 TM main battle tanks, and suspensions for Krab sph (Horstman InArm) and Rosomak APC (Horstman Hydrostrut). RENK America, meanwhile, supplies the AVDS-1790 engines for BAE Systems, for the M882A2 Hercules ARV - also procured by the Polish Army.