More than PLN 1 bn. for HSW. More mortars, Krab howitzers and Borsuk IFV

Photo. Mateusz Mitkow/Defence24

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that HSW would receive a capital boost in an amount exceeding PLN 1 billion. The funds would be used to boost the manufacturing capacity regarding the Krab howitzers, amphibious Borsuk IFVs, or modified Rak self-propelled mortars.

The Polish state is placing huge orders, at the Polish facilities, Polish factories, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister said. We are feeding in extra capital, we are giving capital from the Polish state budget to the Polish factories, Polish defence industry facilities, he added. The PM said that extra capital and major orders being placed with the Polish defence industry have become viable thanks to the fixing of the public finances.

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The Prime Minister emphasized that a decision has already been made to provide extra capital of PLN 600 million to HSW. He stated that this is only the first tranche or installment. The next installment, of PLN 1.2 bn. would go to both Stalowa Wola, and Autosan, to allow for the manufacturing of tank destroyers. The above probably refers to the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyers, based on a multi-role 4x4 platform. Brimstone ATGMs were the first weapons system indicated as the desirable armament here.

Prime Minister said that employment and recruitment are the burning issues at HSW. He added that the government is willing to make defence industry investments in areas where production was growing, and where the potential underwent previous cuts.

Photo. Ukrainian MoD

As the PM said, an infusion of extra capital would be used to boost the manufacturing capabilities regarding the super-modern Krab howitzer. "Today we have increased the order, to 48 examples. But, HSW can manufacture 50 Krab sphs per annum." The manufacturing of the Krab systems is to address both domestic, as well as export requirements. The Krab system is currently employed in combat in Ukraine. A major portion of the Polish Army's Krab inventory has been transferred to Ukraine as a military aid package, while another 54 howitzers were simply ordered by Kyiv. That procurement would be partially financed by the EU.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing capacity regarding the Borsuk IFV would be boosted up to 100 examples per annum. The Rak mortar manufacturing capacity is also expected to be increased. These are to be modified - with extra capabilities and tracked chassis added. Platforms for HIMARS or K239 Chunmoo MLRS systems would be manufactured at Jelcz S.A.