MSPO 2015 Begins. More Than 500 Exhibitors

  • Ilustracja: Asseco Poland /

Today, the 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO began in Kielce. During the event, more than 500 exhibitors, coming both from Poland, as well as from abroad, are going to showcase their products. During this year’s edition, an exhibition of the Norwegian arms industry has been organized.

During the Salon, a variety of solutions offered for the Armed Forces and for the Uniformed Services is going to be presented – starting from combat vehicles, through armament, targeting systems, training devices, finishing with the information management support suites. MSPO is an event which has a peculiar meaning for the Polish defence sector. The Salon is the largest defence-related event in the Mid-Eastern Europe.

The exhibition is complemented with numerous seminars, congresses, meetings and conferences, being an arena for discussion of the most important issues related to the security in our region, including the technological modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. MSPO is supported by the Ministries of Defence, Economy, Internal Affairs and by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

In 2015, during the MSPO event, an exhibition is organized, the aim of which is to showcase the achievements and developments of the Norwegian defence industry. During the earlier editions, Germany, Israel, United States of America, the United Kingdom, V4 Group, Sweden, Italy and Turkey have all presented the capabilities of their defence industries.  The exhibition features, among other products, the NASAMS anti-aircraft system. MSPO visitors also have a chance to get acquainted with the CV-90 IFV, modernized according to the Norwegian requirements.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa prepared an exhibition presenting the 5 main product areas related to the Polish Armed Forces modernization programmes. “Individual equipment and armament”, “Visual and Satellite Reconnaissance Systems”, “Countering Maritime Threats” and “Land Systems”. Additionally, PGZ also showcases the “Ammunition” and “Modernization and Maintenance” booths. The exhibition features – among other products – the Krab/K9 howitzer, MSBS Carbine, Rosomak WRT vehicle, Grom and Piorun anti-aircraft systems or E-310 and Orbiter 2B UAV’s.

The Polish Army is also present during the MSPO, by showcasing the equipment used by the individual units. MSPO 2015 is scheduled to happen between 1st and 4th September, within the area of the Targi Kielce exhibition and congress centre. More information is available via the event’s website.