Naval Memorandum Concluded Between DCNS and PGZ. Technology Transfer and Cooperation

Image Credit: Defence24
Image Credit: Defence24

President of the Management Board at the Polish Armaments Group announced that a shipbuilding collaboration memorandum has been signed with the French Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS) company. The said memorandum regulates the cooperation within the scope of constructing the submarines in Poland.The goal of the memorandum is to expand the naval defence framework of collaboration, especially when it comes to the vessels of the “Orka”, “Miecznik” and “Czapla” classes. Secondly, the document also covers the relevant technology transfer, as well as deep involvement of the Polish shipyards in the process of implementation of the aforesaid projects.

The conclusion of a memorandum, by and between the PGZ S.A. and the French DCNS company, is related to the plans made by the Polish Navy pertaining to modernization of the fleet, including the process of acquisition related to: new submarines (“Orka” project), new coastal defence vessels (“Miecznik” project) and new patrol mine-countermeasure vessels (“Czapla” project).

On the basis of the document, PGZ S.A. and DCNS are going to formulate the rules of cooperation, concerning the projects contained within the “Acting against the naval threats” operational programme of the Technical Modernization Plan pursued by the Polish MoD. This is a continuation of the talks concerning the involvement of the shipbuilding companies consolidated within the PGZ, in the implementation of the listed projects.

The memorandum signed guarantees it to the PGZ, and to the shipyards belonging to PGZ and forming one of the largest shipbuilding groups in Europe, that these entities would have a chance to be involved in a cooperation related to building submarines in Poland. This is a continuation of the works that had begun earlier, related to the “Miecznik” and “Czapla” class corvettes.

Arkadiusz Siwko, President of the Board of the PGZ S.A. Company.

The memorandum in question is a confirmation of the fact that the leading shipbuilding companies see the Polish shipyards as a relevant cooperation partner. This shows that the Polish defence and shipbuilding industries are a very serious partner, for any of the reputable entities of the shipbuilding sector” - as it was stated by President of the Management Board at PGZ S.A., Arkadiusz Siwko.

At the moment, a memorandum between our countries is being shaped, we have been wanting this memorandum of understanding to become a reality since a long time. It is a great opportunity. We are opening the door towards further collaboration, further deepening of our partnership, which would be beneficial for Poland and for the Polish Navy. DCNS may contribute a lot of expertise, making it possible for Poland to pursue its own armament programmes in the future, autonomously. This is a very glorious moment for me, even though there is still a lot of work to do.

Alain Fourgeron, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, DCNS

The memorandum covering the prospective cooperation assumes that a transfer of technology for the Polish shipbuilding entities consolidated within the PGZ group would take place, with subsequent inclusion of the Remontowa “Nauta” S.A. shipyard of Gdynia and OBR CTM S.A. research and development facility in Gdynia, in the process of performing the work related to the orders concerning the Miecznik- and Czapla-class projects. The document also includes provisions which state that the Polish shipyards would be deeply involved in implementation of the “Orka” programme, concerning the submarines for the Polish Navy.

The memorandum of understanding covering the cooperation has been signed by the PGZ S.A. President of the Management Board - Arkadiusz Siwko, Member of the PGZ S.A. Board, Adam Lesiński, and Alain Fourgeon, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at DCNS.