PGZ To Expand Its Operations to Manufacture the K2 Main Battle Tanks

Czołg K2.
Photo. Jarosław Ciślak/

Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy PM and the Head of the Polish MoD during his Friday interview for Radio Poznan announced that the HCP S.A. plant would be involved in the process of supporting the use of the K2 MBT in the Polish Armed Forces. In the future, manufacturing and export prospects are also on the table. The facility would become a part of the PGZ Group for that purpose.

The inclusion of the facility, which was the first one to promote the manufacturing of the K2 Black Panthers in Poland (in 2018), in the group of businesses responsible for the manufacturing and maintaining of the aforesaid main battle tanks is a finalization of some kind of a process that will allow for creating a major manufacturing capacity boost. The WZM S.A. facility in Poznan would still be acting as the main contractor. Given, however, the huge scale of the potential order, it is still necessary to seek cooperating entities, for the process to be as efficient as possible. The HCP facility would be one of the entities that are to cooperate with WZM in the manufacturing of the K2 main battle tanks. One may expect that HCP would be handling the manufacturing of structural elements for the main battle tanks.

Błaszczak announced that the manufacturing capacity of both facilities would be used to the max. HCP is also going to become a part of the PGZ Group. That means that the PGZ's portfolio would also be expanded with further design and manufacturing potential enhancements.

Not only would that result in an optimization of the K2-related processes, but it will also create an opportunity for HCP to expand its capacity for other projects, should such undertakings emerge. In the past, HCP was involved in the manufacturing of the Patriot vehicles for the Polish Armed Forces (in a joint effort with the Czechoslovak Group), or the French Bastion carriers. In 2020 the HCP facility signed an agreement on the delivery of a batch of MS-40 folding bridges, manufactured within the framework of a consortium established together with WB Electronics.