PIAP Robots Showcased in Asia

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, abbreviated PIAP, is showcasing its offer of mobile robots during the DSA 2018 exhibition in Malaysia. The solutions offered by the Polish institute enjoy a high interest on the foreign markets. PIAP’s products are already being used in South Korea or Indonesia.

Along with PGZ and WB Electronics, PIAP is one of the representatives of the Polish defence industry in Asia, during the DSA 2018 exhibition organized in Malaysia. The company showcases its products, including the PIAP Fenix light reconnaissance robot as well as the TRM Tactical Thrown Robot.

Image Credit: PIAP

On the second day of the exhibition the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements booth was visited by delegates from the Polish Ministry of Defence, led by Sebastian Chwiałek (Secretary of State at the MoD). The booth was also visited by President of the Management Board at the PGZ Group, Jakub Skiba and representatives of the Polish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

PIAP, since many years now, has been active on the Asian market, attending numerous sector events in the region. The promotional activities undertaken by the Polish manufacturer directly translate into increase of sales and expansion of cooperation with the local partners in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or South Korea.

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For instance, another batch of PIAP Gryf robots has been delivered to Indonesia and South Korea during the first quarter of this year. Indonesia has been ordering the Institute’s robots since 2013, while the North Korean user has acquired the first PIAP systems back in 2015.