PIAP Showcases its Bestsellers in Kielce [Defence24 TV]

IBIS®, PIAP FENIX®, PIAP GRYF® and refined variant of the TRM® robot were placed among the products showcased by the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) during this year’s edition of the MSPO exhibition in Kielce. CSL VULKAN, a modular and recoilless De-Armer / Disruptor was a new product presented by PIAP. This system is being manufactured by Richmond Defence.  

The Polish PIAP institute made a very significant footprint during the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition this year. The entity showcased a new product – the VULKAN disruptor. CSL VULKAN recoilless (or, in fact, rebound-compensated) disruptor is a modular 5th generation unit that shoots rounds of variable weight. The system may be configured for neutralization of fuses and potentially explosive objects/detonators (IED, UXO and other threats), also as means of support for counter-terrorist operations.

As a growing threat emerges related to use of dirty bombs using weapons of mass destruction in a conflict, meeting the requirements we have developed CRBN accessories for analysis, identification and sampling within that regard.

PIAP manager for development, Artur Soszyński

 Meanwhile, acting against the CRBN threats was also selected as the main theme presented within the stand of the company at MSPO. Thus, most of the presented mobile robots are equipped with a full range of accessories for remote recognition and measurement of contamination. Here we are referring to the IBIS robot with automatic CRBN sampling function implemented within its manipulator arm, available via the container on the mobile platform.