Pilica 2+ to Protect the Polish Patriot Systems

CAMM launcher on Jelcz vehicular platform.
Photo. MBDA

During a media briefing organized by the PGZ Group, new information emerged on the future of the Pilica SHORAD. Its performance would be enhanced, the same would apply to the scope of missions it would be dealing with.

As announced by Col. Michał Marciniak, Deputy Head at the Armament Agency, and Plenipotentiary for deploying IADS in the Polish Armed Forces, envelope expansion for Pilica is being currently considered. The effort would be aimed at expanding the field of application for Pilica beyond airbase defence, as it would be desirable for the system also to handle air defence tasks, protecting the Wisła medium range air/missile defence system assets so that they do not always need to be protected by the Narew system batteries.

As for now, Pilica is an independent system, but in the future, it could become a part of the layered air defence system, with the use of the domestic command suite. Apart from the VSHORAD capabilities achieved thanks to 23 mm cannons and Piorun MANPADS, SHORAD and Counter-UAS capabilities would also be integrated with Pilica. For now, it remains unclear as to what assets could be employed in the Counter-UAS role - here the consulting process is most probably still underway. During the meeting, it was said that this area would utilize a non-kinetic (probably EM-based) method.

PSR-A Pilica command vehicle.
Photo. PGZ

CAMM or CAMM-ER missiles would be used as an effector at the longer ranges. Both of these could be launched with the use of a common launcher. The missiles are also expected to be used in the first stage of the Narew programme, and they would ultimately become the primary Narew's effector. In the long run, the development of a new, extended-range missile is expected, based on the already available know-how accumulated through the development of the CAMM system.

The system is known under the Pilica 2+ working name. The idea behind it most probably stems from the recent “Little Narew” experiences, that have shown that a system like that can be created quickly and be based around a Polish command system. SAMOC C2 solution is to be the foundation for Pilica 2+.

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President at Jelcz S.A. also announced that 3 out of 6 sets of vehicles expected to be used by the Pilica fire units have already been delivered. Delivery of another two is expected to happen this year. The remaining ones would be delivered in 2023.