Poland Invests a PLN Billion in Modern Minelaying Systems

Photo. HSW S.A.

Agreements were signed on 14th June 2023, regarding the BAOBAB-K scattered minelaying systems, anti-tank mines, and mine cassettes for the Polish Armed Forces.


Agreements were signed by Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy PM, at HSW S.A. on 14th June 2023, regarding the BAOBAB-K scattered minelaying systems, anti-tank mines, and mine cassettes for the Polish Armed Forces.


The first agreement, signed by and between the Treasury (Armament Agency), and a consortium formed by PGZ Group (leader), and HSW S.A., concerns 24 BAOBAB-K scattered minelaying systems, with a training and logistics package that comes alongside. The contract value is as high as PLN 510 million. Deliveries of the vehicles will be taking place between 2026 and 2028.

Photo. HSW
BAOBAB-K scattered minelaying system is a modern weapon that can be viewed as a serious argument in the Polish deterrence policy. The first 24 vehicle sets will be commissioned in the Polish Army long before the contractual deadline expires. These are the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, and such are the capabilities of the Polish defence industry. The potential offered by the Polish defence industry is growing, thanks to the investments made by the Polish government, and thanks to the expansion of enterprises, like the Huta Stalowa Wola. Thanks to the fact that the Polish authorities take care of security, we can reinforce the Polish Armed Forces.
Mariusz Błaszczak, Head of the Polish MoD

The second agreement signed by and between the Armament Agency and the BELMA S.A. facility based in Bydgoszcz concerns the delivery of more than 10 thousand ISM mine cassettes with MN-123 mines, several hundred cassettes with MN-123/C training mines, and more than 6 thousand MR-123 anti-tank mines for manual setting. The contract value is as high as PLN 566 million (gross), while the deliveries are scheduled to happen between 2023 and 2026.


BAOBAB-K will make it possible to enhance the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces within the scope of completing engineering support missions by the engineering units through automatic, self-propelled scattered minelaying, within selected areas.

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BAOBAB-K Scattered Minelaying Vehicle is designed for executing engineering support tasks by setting up scattered minefields. The system utilizes MN-123 anti-tank mines launched in specific directions and patterns around the moving base platform. The system makes it possible to create mine barriers of varying densities, capable of neutralizing and destroying enemy vehicles.

The system consists of six mine launcher modules based on Jelcz P882.53 8x8 truck. The crew consists of 2 soldiers seated in an armored cabin (Level I protection, as per the STANAG 4569 norm). Additional equipment includes a UHF radio and an intercom. Passive protection is ensured by the OBRA self-defence system with 8 smoke grenade launchers on top of the cabin.

PMN BAOBAB-K can carry up to 600 MN-123 anti-tank mines that can be activated immediately and/or with a delay, with a programmed self-destruction option. The launchers feature 20 barrels, 5 mines each. The reloading can happen with the use of an integrated crane unit. The minelaying process can be fully automated, with manual control also possible. When creating a minefield, the depth of the field complies with the required density, while the coordinates and parameters of the minefield created are recorded on digital maps.

The signed contracts constitute the biggest mine barrier systems procurement in recent years. The procurement that had been done earlier usually entailed sums of several million zlotys and several hundred mines.