Polish Military Takes Delivery of More NUR-15M Radars


The PGZ Group announced via its Twitter account that the Polish Armed Forces received another NUR-15M (TRS-15M Odra). The radars in question are replacing the NUR-31 and NUR-41 radars in the inventory of the Polish Armed Forces.

The 3rd Radiotechnical Battalion, which is a part of the 3rd "Wrocławska" Radiotechnical Brigade received another NUR-15M (TRS-15M Odra) radar in early February. The radar will now be formally accepted for the service. The radar in question is manufactured by the PIT-RADWAR S.A. company of the PGZ Group, and it would replace the obsolete NUR-31 "Justyna" and NUR-41 "Bożena" radars that have stayed in service for years now. The aforesaid brigade received the first NUR-15M radar in 2015. Since then, the manufacturer has consequently been delivering these systems for the brigade.

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The TRS-15M medium-range 3D radar can detect and track up to 120 objects at once (low-flying assets included), at a distance of up to 240 kilometers, flying at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers. This has been made possible thanks to the hydraulically elevated rotating antenna array that greatly expands the radar's capabilities. The TRS15M radar has been fitted with ISZ-50 IFF Mark XIIA Mode 5 interrogators. This means that the radar complies with the latest NATO standards. The NUR-15 is a "gap-filler", providing extra radar coverage where it is needed, thus enhancing situational awareness.

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The radars are integrated on JELCZ P662D.43 M62, and P882D.43 M64 platforms, differentiating the NUR-15 from the NUR-15M. The base variant was using carrier platforms made by Tatra. One needs to note that another variant of this radar exists - NUR-15C - it is operated by the Naval Missile Unit. It is used to detect surface threats. It is based on Jelcz truck as well. The NUR-15 radars can be readied for use in 20 minutes by a crew of three.