Polish Patriot System Radars Delivered

Photo. Raytheon/

Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Polish MoD, announced that elements of the Prospective Wisła air/missile defence system are being delivered to Poland. The announcement was made via the Minister’s Twitter account.

The Minister announced that elements of the system are being delivered now, including IBCS system components, and the PAC-3MSE missiles. Recently, IBCS EOC has been transferred to the US Government by Northrop Grumman. The company is delivering the components procured by Poland within the FMS scheme directly. The first radars have already been delivered, as Błaszczak announced.

During the first phase of the Wisła procurement, the system would utilize four sector-scan AN/MPQ-65 PESA radars. This is a standard-issue system and the only one that has been available for Wisła phase one, back in 2018. During the Defence24 DAY 2022 conference, Mariusz Błaszczak announced that a Letter of Request has been submitted, for delivery of another six batteries, with 12 LTAMDS 360-degrees coverage GaN AESA radars.

These radars would also be weaponized with PAC-3 MSE missiles. Wisła would also be integrated with the Narew system via IBCS. This means that the less demanding threats could be neutralized by Narew's CAMM-ER effectors and their derivatives - expected to be developed jointly by the Polish and British defence industries.

The IBCS (Integrated Battle Command System) has been developed primarily for managing IADS. It allows for the fusion of information across multiple sources and sensors, thus also making it possible to offer the most effective weapon to eliminate the given threat - according to the "every sensor, best shooter" principle.

IBCS may also be useful in the process of integrating the F-35 platform in the Polish Armed Forces, procured as a part of the “Harpia” programme. That would mean that the aircraft could also be used as a sensor, transmitting targetting data on threats not detected by GBAD sensors.