Thermobaric Munitions for the Polish Army?

Photo. Vitaly V. Kuzmin/CC BY-SA 4.0 Agencja

The Armament Agency announced its willingness to launch market consultations regarding the procurement subject description when it comes to thermobaric (air-fuel) munitions for the Polish Armed Forces.


The description of thermobaric munitions includes:

  • Hand grenades,
  • 60 mm mortar bombs,
  • 98 mm mortar bombs,
  • 120 mm mortar rounds,
  • RPG projectiles,
  • Multi-purpose grenade launcher munitions,
  • Underslung grenade launcher munitions,
  • Automatic grenade launcher munitions,
  • Rockets for the WR-40 Langusta MLRS,
  • Guided munitions,
  • Warheads for the Warmate loitering munitions,
  • Warheads for the Gladius search and strike UAV.

The preliminary market research is planned to be carried out before 10th March 2023. Any entities interested in the process need to make their submissions by 24th February 2023.