Turkish Offensive In Kielce. TAI Closer To The Polish Industry

  • Rakieta Falcon Heavy, ilustracja: SpaceX
    Rakieta Falcon Heavy, ilustracja: SpaceX

Turkish Aerospace Industries signed a memorandum covering the future cooperation with the Polish defence industry. The agreement, besides the Turkish company, also involves the Polish companies, including the Military Aviation Works No. 1, Air Force’s Technical Institute, Mesko company and the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology.

The memorandum is related to the T129 ATAK helicopter offer, submitted within the scope of the Kruk programme. The scope of agreement includes cooperation of the individual subjects with the TAI company, when it comes to the TAI offer to replace the Polish Mi-24 rotorcraft.

This is yet another memorandum concluded by the Turkish company, within the scope of the industrial cooperation related to the T-129 offer. Back in May this year, during the IDEF-2015 event, agreement with the Mesko SA company was signed (related to procurement of the armament, should the ATAK helicopter be selected within the scope of the “Kruk” helicopter procurement programme). Another agreement was concluded with the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology. The latter contract is related to the relevant airfield infrastructure for the helicopters.

MSPO 2015 demonstration is the last stage of the “T129 ATAK Poland Roadshow” - a series of displays of the helicopter organized in Poland. Earlier on the Turkish helicopter took part in a dynamic display during the Radom Air Show, it was also performing a display at the Warsaw Bemowo airfield.

T129B multi-role variant of ATAK is offered for the Polish Army – this variety is tailored to carry guided armament. ATAK’s basic anti tank armament comes in a form of the Turkish Mizrak-U/UMTAS ATGMs with a range of up to 8 kilometres. The missiles, depending on the variant, feature semi-active laser or passive thermal vision guidance system, with a capability of transmitting the detected data, in real time, on their way to the desired target. The manufacturer declares that other ATGM systems may also be integrated with the helicopter, including the Hellfire II and Spike missiles.

T129B ATAK may also be armed with 70 mm unguided rockets, Cirit guided missiles or Stinger air-to-air missiles. Three-barrell 20 mm cannon constitutes the fixed armament of the helicopter. The rotorcraft is also fitted with an optronic device equipped with thermal vision and visible spectrum cameras, along with a laser rangefinder.

Turkish Armed Forces already received 9 helicopters, in the basic T129A variety. T129A helicopters have already been used against the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. The Turkish Army is going to receive at least 50 helicopters in the multi-role T129B variant as well.