UMEX 2022: WB Group Presenting Its Unmanned Platforms...and Beyond

Photo. WB Group

WB Group took part in the UMEX 2022 exhibition in UAE, which ended on 23rd February. Proven solutions and designs for defence and security were showcased by the company at booth 05-A17 - including FlyEye, Warmate, U-GATE, AMSTA, and PIK.

The fifth edition of the UMEX2022 exhibition and conference in the Middle East came to a conclusion. The event was focused on UAVs, robots, AI, simulators, and training systems. The expo was supported by Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, deputy Commander of the UAE military, chairing the Abu Dhabi government. According to a release issued by the company, the WB Group has been a part of UMEX for years - both on its own, as well as together with representatives and partners. The Polish entity is emphasizing the above.

During this year’s edition, the FlyEye UAV was showcased - an advanced, multi-role unmanned system manufactured in Poland. It can be used for battlefield surveillance, directing artillery fire, as an RF relay, in a border patrol role, or as an asset for monitoring the critical infrastructure. The WB Group also made an announcement suggesting that a new derivative of the FlyEye system would be rolled out.

The Group also showcased its portable, modular Warmate loitering munitions. The Warmate platform offers long-endurance, interchangeable warheads, and sensors - including live, training, and observation payload. The system has become a part of the inventory of the Polish Armed Forces. It has also been procured by other NATO member states.

U-GATE C2/IMINT systems based on augmented reality and personal PERAD SDR systems were also showcased in the UAE. The latter is characterized by a low spectrum density, they also offer frequency hopping and embedded encryption algorithms. Each piece of the hardware acts like a network node, a miniaturized base station, ensuring reliable data access, regarding data collected by all nodes, even the most distant ones.

Photo. WB Group

Several solutions for public safety (uniformed) services were also showcased at UMEX 2022. The solutions were focused on enhanced communications and effective protection of borders/critical infrastructure. These included the AMSTA perimeter defence system and the multi-variant PIK communications platform. The former system - thanks to a network of sensors - ensures the security of critical infrastructure (powerplants, harbors, refineries, warehouses, gas pipelines, flood protection infrastructure), and state borders. PIK, meanwhile, utilizing the GSM networks for transmission purposes, makes it possible to quickly and cheaply deploy professional communication systems of any range - from local to international level. The user immediately obtains the ability to establish voice and data communications between different teams, utilizing communication systems of their own.