Warmate UAVs on the Australian Market

The WB Group has signed an agreement with the Australian Cablex company, covering the distribution and local integration of the Warmate loitering munitions system. The conclusion took place during the Avalon event in Australia. The agreement results from the Australian military’s drive towards acquisition of tactical loitering munitions. The procurement in question is to happen in the nearest future.  

Steven Ciobo (Minister for Defence Industry of Australia) and Michał Kołodziejski (Polish Ambassador to Australia) witnessed the conclusion of the agreement.

Cablex would be acting as the sole dealer of the Warmate system in Australia and as the final integrator of the system tailored to the needs of the Australian military, as the agreement assumes. The agreement signed is a result of the interest expressed by the Australian Defence Force to acquire a tactical loitering munitions system.

Image Credit: WB Group

Warmate is one of the innovative solutions marketed by the WB Group. The system has been designed with Special Operations Forces and Light Infantry in mind and its purpose is greatly enhance reconnaissance and combat capabilities at the squad, platoon and company levels.
It is a fusion of a UAV and smart PGM. Thanks to integration of features of a PGM and a battle robot, with control yielded by the operator the system may be used to conduct surgical strikes at long distances, in an autonomous mode.

Warmate has also been integrated with other WB Group’s platforms, including the FlyEye Mini UAV, Topaz integrated battle management system or Tytan combat ensemble for the individual troops. Integration with those systems allows for enhanced effectiveness, as they may be used as a new recce tool and as a surgical strike asset. The weapon could be used against light armour, fortified areas and infantry, limiting the sensor-to-shooter interval.

The solution proposed by WB enjoys a good reputation on the export market. Warmate system is used by one of the NATO member states and Ukraine as well. In the latter case the drone became a part of a broader Sokol recon/strike system, utilizing Warmates, FlyEyes and Kozak vehicles. Warmates are exported outside Europe too.