WB Group Scores a Deal: Radios Ordered for 4x4 Vehicles

Radiostacja pokładowa F@stnet
Photo. Radmor

The Armament Agency of the Polish MoD signed an agreement with the WB Group’s Radmor company on the delivery of software-defined radios and associated hardware. The supplied radios are to be used for communications by the crews of the 4x4 armoured vehicles of the Polish Armed Forces.

Radmor company, based in Gdynia, is the oldest, and the biggest manufacturer of military-grade radios in Poland. Its products are commonly used in the Polish Armed Forces. The agreement pertains to the delivery of several hundred radios that are to be used to establish tactical-level radio communications, and to serve as a datalink asset. The order includes SDRs, and the equipment necessary for integration on mobile platforms.

According to the WB Group, the deliveries are to include radios designed for mobile platform applications. These may be used then to establish communications between 4x4 vehicles commissioned in the Polish Armed Forces. The procured communications systems would be compatible with devices currently operated by the military.