JASMINE System Deployed to Germany Again. Next Step: Anakonda Exercise

Image Credit: TELDAT
Image Credit: TELDAT

HMS JASMINE system was used during the Combined Resolve allied exercise in Germany. Anakonda-18 exercise organized in Poland is going to be the next major operation, during which this C4ISR suite is going to be put into use.

7th Army Training Command base in Grafenwöhr and Hohenfels in Germany became an arena where Combined Resolve X international allied exercise took place, involving 3700 participants hailing from 13 countries, with Polish deployment being the largest one. The goal of the exercise was to enhance interoperability and readiness of the NATO allied forces and their key partners, with the use of the HMS JASMINE system, including: Integrated JASMINE ICT Nodes and HMS C3IS JASMINE suite software, used for battle management at the level of Corps, Division, Brigade and Regiment.

During the aforesaid exercise the Polish automated command, control and communications suite delivered by Teldat has met the expectations and fulfilled its role (also, further verification of its operation took place). It also contributed to successful completion of the exercise in question. According to the decision made by the commander of the 12th “Szczecinska” Mechanized Division, the main task related to use of the suite (particularly, the HMS C3IS JASMINE solution) was to provide operational data exchange capability among the allies (including provision of cooperation with the use of the US CPOF standard - Command Post of the Future), in line with the NATO MIP standard. Secondly, the system was used to visualize and support, in an ongoing manner, the tactical tasks assigned to the units involved in the training operation.

According to the manufacturer, using the software in a multinational field setting also created an opportunity to derive conclusions, especially within the scope of preparing this military-grade product for being used in the course of the upcoming and important Anakonda-18 allied exercise.

Among the hardware and software that are a part of the JASMINE system, the Polish military makes use, primarily, of the ICT nodes and the HMS C3IS JASMINE software package. When configured in the layout mentioned above, the system may be used for battle management purposes at the regiment, brigade, division and corps levels.

At the beginning of July the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD signed a contract with Teldat, allowing for a more in-depth and broad use of the HMS C3IS JASMINE system. The new document allows for free and quantitatively unlimited use of the said software, within the MoD, domestically and abroad. Extra licenses were procured for the sake of supporting the EU Battle Group and NATO Response Force in 2019 and 2020. The system is also to be used to enhance the operations of the Multinational Division North East, established following the NATO Summit in Warsaw.