“Knightrider” - US Troops Headed To Wędrzyn

  • Fot. Policja
    Fot. Policja

Second stage of the training activities undertaken by the US Soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Poland came to an end. After 2 weeks of continuous training, conducted together with the soldiers of the Polish 21st Mountain Infantry Brigade, the American Cavalrymen, along with the Stryker IFV’s, will be on the move, travelling from Nowa Dęba to Wędrzyn.

The American soldiers of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Cavalry Regiment, permanently stationed in the town of Vilseck located in Bavaria, have just finished their two weeks of field training at the Nowa Dęba range, where they were involved in an exercise together with the Polish 21st Mountain Infantry (Highland Riflemen) Brigade. Prior to the above operation, the Americans were also involved in two weeks-long training at the Polish Drawsko range. During this operation, they were accompanied by the Polish 12th Mechanized Brigade.

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The US motorized company, including 150 soldiers equipped with 16 Stryker armoured vehicles, is going to start a journey to Wędrzyn on 10th March. There, the Cavalrymen are going to cooperate with the Polish 17th Mechanized Brigade, until the end of April. On their way, on Friday, 11th March at 1PM, the allies are going to make a stop in Opole, where in the Copernicus Square, in front of the University of Opole, they will greet the civilians living in the city. The meet and greet event will also involve the Polish soldiers from the 10th Opole Logistics Brigade.

The US presence in Poland also has a practical dimension. Not only is it a way which makes it possible to bolster the cooperation capabilities of the allied forces, as experience exchange takes place at the personal, direct level, among the privates, which contributes to building a mutual trust among the allies, as Lt. Col. Marek Pietrzak, of the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces notes.

The activities undertaken by the Cavalrymen are connected to the Atlantic Resolve operation which began in April 2014. The events constitute a visible sign of the United States involvement in the NATO collective defence system, confirming the American contribution to the process of maintaining peace and stability in the region, in the light of the illegal activities undertaken by Russia in the Eastern part of Ukraine and in the Crimean Peninsula.