LITPOLUKRBRIG Unit - Involvement in the Anakonda Exercise

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    Start rakiety Minuteman III, fot. Boeing

LITPOLUKRBRIG will be deployed to the Nowa Dęba training ground during the Anakonda exercise, scheduled to take place between 7th and 17th June. There, the unit will establish a command post which is going to be issuing orders to the affiliated elements.

The decision to allow the Multinational Brigade to take over the command in Nowa Dęba was made during the final conference, the aim of which was to coordinate the Anakonda-16 operation. In the opinion of the Chief of the S-3 Operational Section, Major Adrian Pańczyk, involvement of the LITPOLUKR Brigade in the exercise will make it possible to verify the capacities of interoperability, regarding the cooperation with the potential and current partners of the unit.

The Anakonda exercise creates a wide spectrum of opportunities to cooperate with Armed Forces of 24 nations. Our participation in this operation will allow us to raise the level of training, establish mutual trust and understanding between the involved armies.

Lt. Col. Michał Matyska - Deputy Chief of Staff at LITPOLUKRBRIG

Multinational LITPOLUKRBRIG Brigade was established on 19th September 2014, on the basis of an inter-Ministerial agreement between the Defence Ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. Full combat readiness of the Lublin-based unit is planned to be achieved in January 2017. Ultimately, the unit is going to involve 3.5-4 thousand troops. Representatives of the three countries forming the brigade are assigned to the positions of commander, deputy commander and chief of staff in a rotational manner, for the subsequent periods of three years. At the moment, Polish Brig. General Adam Joks is the commander of the LITPOLUKRBRIG unit.

It shall be recalled that the Anakonda-16 exercise, taking place at the largest Polish military ranges all around the country, will involve 26 thousand soldiers, hailing from 24 countries, including: Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and finally, the United States of America.