Macierewicz In Ukraine: “Poland is open to tighten cooperation within the areas of defence and politics”

Image Credit: mjr R. Siemaszko/DKS MON
Image Credit: mjr R. Siemaszko/DKS MON

“Poland is open to tighten cooperation within the areas of defence and politics, because we want our countries to be safe and independent” as the Poland’s Defence Minister, Antoni Macierewicz stated during his meeting with his counterpart, General Stepan Poltorak, in Kiev. During the talks, issues related to cooperation within the scope of defence were discussed. A joint declaration of the Ministries of Defence of Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic Republics has also been signed.

During the meeting, taking place on 14th December 2015, at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, issues related to continued bilateral military cooperation were brought up, along with the area of multi-lateral cooperation between Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states. LITPOLUKRBRIG, a joint Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian Brigade has been defined as one of the most important elements of cooperation. The unit is treated as a significant point of collaboration between the states, raising the level of regional security. Ukrainian Minister of Defence stressed the fact that involvement of Ukraine in this multinational unit has a beneficial impact on gaining knowledge on the procedures used among the NATO member states, and, consequently, it makes it possible for Kiev to get closer to the Euro-Atlantic structures.

During the talks, Defence Ministers of Poland and Ukraine, discussed the current situation in the eastern part of Ukraine and in the surrounding region. Referring to that fragment of the meeting, Macierewicz stated: - We want to reinforce the independence and restore the Ukraine’s territorial integrity, since this has a key meaning for the security of the whole Europe.

Polish Defence Minister stated that Poland sees a potential for development of the relationship between the states, in the sphere of cooperation between the defence industries, and military-technological cooperation. Macierewicz also noted that working together within these areas is treated as a confirmation of good relationship between the states, based on mutual trust. Macierewicz said: “we see a potential for developing the relations within that sphere, we treat it as a confirmation of good relations, based on mutual trust”.

Poland declared that it is willing to continue its involvement in a joint exercises programme, it has also been declared that Warsaw is ready to support the transformation of the Ukrainian Army.

Poland is open to tighten cooperation within the areas of defence and politics, because we want our countries to be safe and independent.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence

After the talks were finalized, the Ministers have signed a document, referred to as a “Joint declaration made by Ministers of Defence of Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine, within the scope of developing cooperation in the sphere of defence”. The document expresses a decisive stance, the purpose of which is to provide Ukraine with territorial integrity. Secondly, the agreement shows that all of the signatory states are convinced that there is a need to fully implement the Minsk Memorandums.

Readiness to expand cooperation within all areas of interest of the signatory states was also stressed. The above refers to joint involvement in preparation of the armed forces, cooperation within the scope of military education and professional development, as well as collaboration in the areas of military medicine and technology. Moreover, the Ministers emphasized their joint endorsement for the European and Euroatlantic aspirations that are being shown by Ukraine – as the Polish MoD reports.