Macierewicz: More Liwiec Firefinder Radars for the Armed Forces

LIWIEC Artillery Reconnaissance (Firefinder) Radar System. Image Credit: R. Surdacki /
LIWIEC Artillery Reconnaissance (Firefinder) Radar System. Image Credit: R. Surdacki /

“I have seen that there is hope, hope that we won’t have two, five, but more examples of the Liwiec system” – as it was stated by the Polish Defence Minister, during his visit at the PIT-RADWAR S.A company’s facility in Warsaw.The main goal of the visit paid to the plant was related to opening of two radar anechoic chambers:Poligon Compact Range (far field) and System Planar Near Field.

The head of the Polish MoD also got acquainted with the elements of the Polish Navy’s Coastal Missile Squadron, including launchers and command and communications vehicles, with the latter components allowing the element to work in cooperation with national, NATO and allied communication systems.

The facility has also presented radars and armament manufactured by PIT-RADWAR, a company belonging to the Polish Armaments Group, including: Poprad self-propelled SAM platform, elements of 35 mm AAA battery: towed 35 mm AG-35 anti aircraft cannon and WG-35 vehicular platform, carrying the fire control system featuring an optronic sensor, Bystra deployable radar, Warta mobile 3D radar, PET-PCL multistatic passive radar, P-18PL active long range radar, Sajna project, IFF system and Polish BMS project.

I am highly impressed with what you have demonstrated, it is obvious that conclusion of documents concerning this work is a matter different from discussions and arguments in case of those issues, and it is also a different experience to be able to touch those products, to be able to see how they operate.

Antoni Macierewicz, Head of the Polish MoD

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During the visit at the PIT-RADWAR S.A company, the Minister also announced that more Liwiec firefinder radar systems are expected to be acquired. 

I have seen that there is hope, hope that we won’t have two, five, but more examples of the Liwiec system The situation, in which we have the latest equipment at our disposal, as Liwiec is a piece of a truly state of the art hardware, but in a number of two examples, since the situation during the last year’s Anakonda event looked like that, is incredible. This situation is similar to the context present at the beginning of the World War II, when we had the latest aircraft at our disposal, but in a number of a few pieces. Never again shall we go back to a situation as such. Never again can we return to a situation, in which the Polish engineers, the Polish know-how, remains able to create the best and the most effective equipment in the world, but the Army does not have it and is unable to operate effectively.

Antoni Macierewicz, Head of the Polish MoD

RZRA Liwiec Radar Artillery Reconnaissance Package (firefinder) is a self-propelled radar which, by detecting and tracking artillery and mortar rounds, offers a capability of defining the artillery firing positions and the place where the tracked projectiles would fall. Hardware of this class remains highly usable during the wartime, at the frontline, for the purpose of detecting and destroying the firing positions of the enemy artillery. However, radars as such may also be used during the peacetime, in the areas where crises broke out, to maintain ceasefire and quickly detect potential breaches of such peace treaties.