Macierewicz on the Wisła Programme: “This contract is non-existent”. Acquisition of Caracals Dependent On The Offset.

Image Credit: DPI MON
Image Credit: DPI MON

Speaking briefly, the contract in question is non-existent (…) talking about the Wisła system, when no real steps have been taken within that scope, no real talks are going on, is in fact, a threat for Poland, as it was stated by Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Defence Minister, during the meeting of the National Defence Commission, referring to the acquisition of the Patriot system within the scope of the Wisła programme. When it comes to the decisions related to the multi-role helicopters, the Minister said – These decisions have been made, even in spite of very serious misconducts that were visible (…) especially at the stage when the analysis of the Caracal helicopter capabilities was being carried out.

When it comes to the joint platform multi-role helicopter tender, the Minister of Defence noted that many misconducts were detected within the process of selecting the final offer. The Ministry of Defence is going to make a decision to sign the contract, or to reject it , after the offset procedures are finalized by the Ministry of Economy. The Ministry is going to carry out the tender from scratch, should the offset arrangements lead to a situation, in which the contract cannot be concluded.

When it comes to the Caracal tender, if you think that there is a contradiction in my waiting for the decision related to offset, then this perfectly shows your way of proceeding with that matter. You decided that you will give [PLN] 13.5 billion to the other states, instead of giving this amount to the poles, before any final decisions were made. You made a political decision, striking the Polish industry, in advance. I cannot accept that. The Polish industry’s rights are equal to the rights of the industries of other states. I would be very glad if this contract, if it is going to be reactivated, is awarded to the Polish factories.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence

The Minister of Defence declared that the needs of the armed forces, within the scope of the number and type of the helicopters to be acquired, are already being verified. 

After we have analyzed the contract, (…) it turned out that the conditions of the agreement have been significantly changed, since the moment when the agreement was presented to the public. The price is – without any doubt – significantly higher, the delivery deadline significantly longer, while the transitional conditions remain completely unknown to the implementing Party. Briefly speaking, this contract is non-existent.

Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of Defence

According to the Minister, assessment of the real situation shall be treated with utmost priority. Then, negotiations should be started. Head of the Polish MoD stressed it multiple times - this is one of the key programmes within the scope of the technological modernization. The offer does not meet the requirements pertaining the delivery deadlines. Cost is also significantly higher.

The Ministry of Defence is interested in fair, equal and effective talks with our American partners. I want no doubts to exist within that area. The air defence system, covered with the “Wisła” programme, is an important task. This task must be realized. Unfortunately, in no way does the contract (related to the Patriot system) make it possible, even in the most expansive promises, not confirmed with any documents, or any international commitments, it does not make it possible to reach the required level of national defence, before 2023 – 2030.

Minister Macierewicz

Both within the scope of the “Wisła” system, as well as within the scope of the helicopter tender, Macierewicz stressed the need of protecting the interest of Poland, stressing the issues related to the defence industry, also regarding the tender related to of the multi-role helicopters. He also stated that numerous requirements related to the army technological modernization plan did not give enough attention to the potential threat posed by the Russians. The technical issues related to procurement are to be synchronized with the plan to increase the quantity of troops in the Armed Forces, up to the level that makes it possible to protect the territory of Poland.