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Macierewicz Signed an Adjustment of the Army Technical Modernization Plan. Ministry of Defence: Details Will Be Released “At Appropriate Time”

Patriot System in Poland. Image Credit: mjr R. Siemaszko/DKS MON
Patriot System in Poland. Image Credit: mjr R. Siemaszko/DKS MON

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence, signed an adjusting document referring to the Army “Technical Modernization Plan”, as we were informed by Katarzyna Jakubowska, spokesperson for the Polish Ministry of Defence. 

Antoni Macierewicz accepted the updated version of the “Technical Modernization Plan” (technically - “Technological”) document, prepared by the leadership of the Ministry of Defence. According to the representative of the Polish Ministry of Defence, head of the Ministry signed the final version of the document on 7th October this year. 

The Ministry is not eager to disclose the details referring to the redefined plans. According to the information provided, details are going to be officially unveiled “at an appropriate time”.

The information which may be publicized is going to be released at an appropriate time. We will inform you about potential actions undertaken within that scope in an ongoing manner, via the usual MoD’s communication channels.

Katarzyna Jakubowska, Acting Spokesperson for the Polish Ministry of Defence

According to the original plans and information released by the Polish Ministry of Defence, the updated version of the document was to be published on 15th September. A framework of that document was nonetheless presented during this year’s edition of the Kielce International Defence Salon, on 7th September this year.

As it was stressed during the presentation, carried out by the Head of the P8 Material Planning Board of the General Staff, Col. Krzysztof Zielski, the developed document forms a “kind of compromise” between the main priorities established so far, and the will of the current Ministerial leadership (air defences, modernization of the Navy, cyber-security, modernization of the armoured and mechanized units and territorial defence). The aforesaid statement means that the Plan has been expanded with two new programmes: “Cyberdefence and national cryptology” and “Territorial Defence”. 

Between 2017 and 2022 the Ministry, within the framework of the newly defined plan, is willing to spend around PLN 77 billion on modernization, where 61 billion zlotys are to be distributed between the 15 priority programmes.