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Mini VTOL UAVs for Poland

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Technical dialogue regarding the mini-class VTOL UAV systems has been initiated by the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence. The procedure aims at defining the specific technical requirements along with a list of potential suppliers. 

The mini-VTOL UAV which is to be found via the procedure, and which is to be purchased by the Polish Army, needs to comply with the following requirements:

- The system should have a high degree of mobility (preferably in a backpack) in case of long distance transport, weight of the flying platform itself cannot exceed 5 kg.

- The system must be characterized by VTOL capability without any additional infrastructure – runways or launchers.

- The flying platform must be equipped with separate and independent infra-red and visible light spectrum sensors.

- The system shall be prepared to be operated in urban areas.

- Available flying time cannot be lower than 30 minutes, the operator needs to be capable of communicating with the system at distances of 3 km (keeping the antenna in sight) and 300 m without visual contact with the antenna.

The technical dialogue shall be finalized until 28th February 2015 in accordance with the plan of the Armament Inspectorate. Quite detailed general technical and usage requirements have been released to the public, and detailed data will be received by the participants who will be qualified to be included in the dialogue, who will express a will to participate until 31st October 2014.

Each of the participating subjects will be treated separately. Not only will the analysis include the issues related to the technical requirements, but it will also be covering the time or costs of execution of the project. Another important issue is to check the possibility of implementing such UAV into service by using the capabilities of the national production and research centres.

The plan of purchasing the mini VTOL UAV's by the Polish Armed Forces is a part of a larger UAV procurement plan. Which includes both small reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles as well as the larger UCAVs