Land Forces

Mobile Apps Supporting the Polish Territorial Defence Component

Polish Territorial Defence units are going to be equipped with new applications for the mobile devices: #OTrening and #OTakcja. The aforesaid applications will enhance the training process, and will allow the users to obtain a detailed visualization of the battlefield. Thanks to the aforesaid solution, effectiveness of the new component of the Polish military is expected to be improved significantly.

The first of the new applications is known under the name of #OTrening. According to the base assumptions, this app would be used in order to conduct single person or team exercises, covering the missions carried out by the Territorial Defence Forces. The application will support its users within the scope of training and learning process related to the operation of the technical systems (e.g. weaponry), or in the area of medical operations.

The app, making it possible to simulate the real world, may be used for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills which would be required during the operational activities carried out by the Territorial Defence units. Among the areas covered within the software, recovery after the natural disaster, design and operating principles related to the armament, topography and reconnaissance, observation of the critical infrastructure, medical support operations, and more, are included. In order to motivate the user to deepen his knowledge, an avatar will be created, presenting the user’s skills.

The second app - #OTakcja, is designed to support the reconnaissance operations of the Territorial Defence units. #OTakcja is also going to cover the tasks of typically military or crisis management related profiles. The app in question provides the user with a toolkit which is used to construct the battlefield awareness, making it possible to monitor the positioning of own troops, forces and resources of the Territorial Defence component, also in a net-centric data transfer framework.

Utilizing the enhanced reality technology will support creation of the situational awareness for the soldiers, indicating the key objects and points for carrying out the relevant tasks. The application will also make it possible to conduct covert visual reconnaissance operations, including submission of reports pertaining to presence of the enemy forces and equipment. The software is expected to provide advanced tools for terrain assessment, taking into account the topographic, satellite and elevation data, required to establish the basic timelines for carrying out the missions.

The new technology will also enable the user to initially assess the level of threat and the options existing within the scope of executing the missions, with which the soldiers were tasked. This will be possible through access to the doctrinal data regarding own and enemy units.

Mobile systems utilized by the generally accessible tools, such as smartphones or tables, will make it possible to support the Territorial Defence units in the process of carrying out their missions, offering an electronic, portable “first tactical aid” tool, connecting the soldier to a net-centric source of information. The system is to act as a portable toolkit for any soldier and commanders working at the lower, tactical level of Territorial Defence operations. It shall be stressed that the Territorial Defence-dedicated software is expected to function in a symbiosis with the tools utilized by other services, including the Police, Border Guard or the Firefighters. This will facilitate the process of exchanging the information in a way which would be way more effective, also allowing the Territorial Defence branch to carry out joint crisis management operations.

As Antoni Macierewicz assures, the applications related to the structure of communication, and the ability to organize the Territorial Defence units, will be made fully available starting from autumn 2017.