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Mobile Crematoria Employed in Ukraine – Russians Trying to Hide Their Participation in the Conflict

  • Ilustracja: Elysium Space
    Ilustracja: Elysium Space

Russians have deployed at least seven mobile crematoria, based on Kamaz trucks, within the Donbas area. The vehicles are used to burn the dead corpses of the soldiers involved in the fights on the separatists side – as the Ukrainian Security Service reports.

According to the release issued by the Ukrainian Security Service, seven mobile crematoria have been deployed into the area controlled by the terrorist groups, within the period between 20th and 23rd January. These crematoria are based on Kamaz trucks, and they are used to burn the corpses of the soldiers who died fighting in the Donbas area. The first information regarding this deployment has been released by the head of the Ukrainian Security Service, in his interview for the Ukrainian  “Canal 5” TV station.

According to the information released by the Ukrainians, aim of using the crematoria is to hide the fact that Russian soldiers are participating in the fights in the eastern region of the country, within the unacknowledged territories, so called People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. It is stressed that the decision to deploy the vehicles has been undertaken by the Russian Army’s General Staff, and that all of the operations are being coordinated by the Russian military intelligence. One device is capable of cremating 8 to 10 bodies a day.

Despite the obvious evidence, Moscow is still denying the fact that Russian soldiers are involved in the Ukrainian conflict. However, one shall remember that info-war is being conducted in a parallel manner, along with the armed conflict within the Ukrainian territory.