MSPO 2015: Joint C4ISR Command Support Platform Offered By Comarch And The Air Force Institute of Technology

Image Credit: J. Sabak
Image Credit: J. Sabak

Comarch company presented a C4ISR system during the MSPO exhibition. The system is integrated with the UAV systems designed by the Air Force Institute of Technology and with the RADION communications suite developed by TRANSBIT. The C4ISR suite offered by Comarch makes it possible to gather, process and distribute the data at the tactical and operational levels. During the NATO CWIX 2015 staff exercises, the system has been verified within the scope of its compatibility with the other C4ISR suites used by the alliance.

Comarch C3ISR is a C4ISR class command support system with the situational awareness functionality, it also works with the BMS-class systems and ISTAR reconnaissance data acquisition suites. The system was designed in order to collect, process and distribute the reconnaissance data in the commanding process. The system is a scalable solution and it may be applied from tactical, to the strategic level.

Communications and information exchange are provided thanks to the RADION system’s architecture, designed by the TRANSBIT company, utilizing a wide bandwidth radios, military networking equipment and encrypted voice, data and video transmission, utilizing the SCIP protocol.

Comarch C3ISR suite is based on modular, open architecture which consists of the commercial software.  The system is capable to process and transfer the data coming from a variety of sources and sensors, providing near real-time processing, additionally making it possible to create a three-dimensional data visualization, with emphasized objects and elements of the terrain indicated on the displayed maps. The said suite is also capable of locally emphasizing the areas of operations. Maps are scalable, same applies to the displayed objects. It is also possible to mark the desired objects or areas of operation.

During the MSPO 2015 event, Comarch C3ISR system is presented in conjunction with the ITWL-designed (ITWL – Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych – Air Force Institute of Technology) UAV systems which make it possible to gather and transmit the data in real time. The UAV systems are fully integrated with the offered C3ISR suite.

Another solution presented by the Comarch company is the Comarch Security Operation Center, the purpose of which is to increase the security of the military bases and other objects of critical value.

COMARCH C3ISR system has been nominated to take part in the Defender awards competition, during the MSPO 2015 exhibition.