MSPO 2015: Summing Up This Year’s Event

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The Kielce MSPO 2015 defence expo was the third largest military exhibition organized in Europe this year. This year’s edition was visited by more than 20 thousand persons, from 58 countries all around the world - the group included mostly the experts and specialists, working within the areas of security and defence. The 23rd edition of the MSPO event also featured most of the leading defence companies - 583 exhibitors from 30 countries.

During this year’s edition of the MSPO exhibition, promotion of numerous modernization programmes, all of which are undertaken by the Polish Army, took place. A variety of products which are going to be introduced into service in the Polish Army was presented, including the Kruk programme rotor-craft, SHORAD and VSHORAD systems which are going to be procured within the scope of the Narew and Pilica programme, along with the UAV systems which are to be acquired within the scope of the Gryf programme.

During the Salon, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa [Polish Armament Group] announced its strategy and signed a memorandum with the US-based Boeing company, within the scope of aerospace, aviation, and defence. Agreements on cooperation have been concluded, regarding the systems that are being used by the Polish Air Force. The latter contracts were signed by the Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2 [Military Aviation Works No. 2] and by the Saab company. Finally, cooperation has been established between the MESKO company and Roketsan, TAI and Orbital ATK.

Polish Armament Group has announced its strategy and signed a cooperation memorandum with the Boeing company, within the scope of the aerospace and defence areas. A similar document, related to modernization of the systems utilized by the Polish Air Force, including the MiG-29 jet fighters, was signed by the Military Aviation Works No.2 and by the SAAB company. MESKO signed agreements with the Turkish ROKETSAN and TAI companies, and with the US-based ORBITAL ATK company. Additional agreement with the Turkish ROKETSAN company was signed by the Łódź-based Military Aviation Works No. 1. Lubawa signed an agreement with the Ukrainian Ukrobronoprom concern. I could list many more agreements, guaranteeing that each one of them is important, from the point of view of the industry and the Polish Army, within the scope of the international cooperation and the potential transfer of technology. We are an important location on the map of development of the defence industry, not only in Europe.

Andrzej Mochoń PhD, Targi Kielce President

During the exhibition, more than 40 conferences, briefings, presentations and debates took place, involving 66 official delegations, coming from 58 countries. High profile visits also took place. The event was visited by the Polish President - Andrzej Duda - who awarded the product which had the highest contribution to the Polish Soldiers’ safety. This year, the following consortium has received the award: Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. - Stalowa Wola (leader) and WB Electronics S.A. - Ożarów Maz. (partner). The consortium was awarded for its unmanned turret system, fitted with the SPIKE ATGM launcher, integrated with the Rosomak APC.   

The defence sector is a very important branch for any of the national economies. Polish defence industry is facing a chance of going through a serious renaissance period - we have a chance to go back to our best traditions. I would like to congratulate the president of the fair, Mr. Andrzej Mochoń, since the event has turned out to be a great success, of which I am very proud. Both the class of the provided infrastructure, as well as the level of preparation of the event, as well as the presented inventory - all of the above makes me proud and optimistic.

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

Norway was the partner nation of the MSPO 2015 event. The Norwegians have presented the capacities of their defence industry and the armed forces. NASAMS anti-aircraft system, offered within the Narew programme, or an ultra-light 18 g nano UAV were among the products demonstrated by the Norwegian defence industry. Ine Eriksen Soereide, the acting Norwegian Minister of Defence, was one of the guests, attending the event. During the Salon, Bydgoszcz Museum of the Land Forces received some exhibits, found by the Norwegians near Narvik.