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MSPO 2016: TELDAT Presents the Development of the JASMINE System

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Bydgoszcz-based TELDAT company, during the MSPO Kielce defence exhibition, presented its ICT offer, including products, the purpose of which is to support the command chain, operational and tactical activities and communications. The central highlight of the booth included the solutions which form the network-centric ICT platform JASMINE, including its complex C3IS JASMINE software suite, certified by NATO.

TELDAT, during the MSPO 2016 exhibition, focused primarily on promotion of the latest, expanded variant of its battle management system. The company's solution is presented as inherently coherent, highly specialized software and hardware package which enhances the commanding process, and the process in which tactical and operational activities are coordinated.

The whole structure is composed out of a number of unified elements: Battle management system dedicated to be used at the level of a corps, division and brigade – HMS JAŚMIN with ICT nodes in portable and shelter-based variant; Battle management system dedicated to be used at the level of a battalion, company and platoon – BMS JAŚMIN with an onboard ICT node; Soldier/Section management system – DSS JAŚMIN with personal ICT equipment; JAŚMIN Web Portal – enabling the user to utilize the  Common Operational Picture [Połączony Obraz Sytuacji Operacyjnej – POSO], with enhanced options of visualizing the external data; Fire Support System with Combat ID Server – CID JAŚMIN, along with a subsystem of  Joint Terminal Attack  Controler (Taktyczny Zespół Kontroli Obszaru Powietrznego – TZKOP); Information Exchange Gateway JAŚMIN – secure data transfer gateway between the systems, within domains with different data classifications; Training and virtual simulation systems.

Within the booth of the TELDAT company, an operational variant of the System for Secure Information Exchange has also been showcased (known under the Polish name SBWI – System Bezpiecznej Wymiany Informacji – also existing in the SARON variant, dedicated for supporting the management of specialized activities in the field of national defence).

The system makes it possible to carry out broadband, fast and secure data transfer, including the data initiating and reporting the specific actions undertaken by the public services. At the MSPO, SBWI was presented mainly as a system which could successfully support crisis management activities.

The network-centric JASMINE ICT platform is a synthetic structure, the purpose of which is to automate the data transfer, within the scope of providing support for command and communications within the Armed Forces, as well as within the area of supporting management and communications in the crisis management scenarios, where selected specialized modules may be applied, integrated with the aforementioned SBWI element, including modules for real time visualization of operational situation, with the use of digital maps. The aforementioned platform consists of mutually coherent hardware and software TELDAT products which, as it was declared by the representatives of the company, interact together as a modular and integrated fused system. The discussed platform includes specialized hardware and software, most of which may also be utilized in an autonomous manner.

The representatives of the Teldat company assure that the system meets the requirements that define a component-based structure, compliant with the NATO Network Enabled Capability concept. The system makes it possible to exchange and share the data between the scattered decision-making bodies, in a coordinated manner. The basic assumption which led to such organization of the system is to make sure that the whole solution is used effectively, at all levels of the command chain, from the top level, down to dismounted soldier.

Practically all of the aforementioned hardware and software components of the JAŚMIN system, along with the software module of the TZKOP subsystem which is also a part of the SWD C3IS JAŚMIN suite, have undergone domestic and international test programmes. A lot of these systems were and/or are or have been used in field conditions, in case of numerous military initiatives, including those abroad. These may include a variety of deployments (Afghanistan, Kuwait, Congo, Central-African Republic, Balkans, Baltic States) and international (NATO CWID, NATO CWIX, Combined Endeavor, Bold Quest) and domestic (Anakonda, Dragon, Aster, Compact Grey, Borsuk, Mazury, Latowicz, Świder, Kłocko, Stokrotka and Pierścień) military exercises, as well as teaching and research activities undertaken mainly at the training laboratories of the Polish National Defence University, Military University of Technology and Centre for Training of Communications and IT (CSŁiI). Moreover, the system also has been applied in the MIP international interoperability programme, within which TELDAT solutions have been applied for years, and have been verified at the top level by the allies. JAŚMIN technological and functional solutions are the basis for the specialized mobile ICT suites utilized within the new generation Patriot air defence solutions. They have been developed and are beingmanufactured for export market by TELDAT company. Recently, an order pertaining to those components has been expanded, yet once more.