MSPO 2017: Polish-Ukrainian Stokrotka Rocket Launch System

  • Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA
    Lądownik Huygens na powierzchni Tytana. Ilustracja: ESA
  • Artystyczna wizja sondy Solar Orbiter badającej Słońce. Ilustracja: ESA
    Artystyczna wizja sondy Solar Orbiter badającej Słońce. Ilustracja: ESA
  • Fot. TTcomm SA []
    Fot. TTcomm SA []

During the 25th edition of the MSPO exhibition, the WB Group, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Ukroboronprom umbrella company, is presenting the ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” rocket launch system that fuses the capabilities offered by the 80 mm unguided rockets usually used with aircraft, with a land-based launcher utilizing a modern Topaz fire-control system. Not only may the platform be used to destroy surface targets, as the manufacturers also claim that it may be employed to counter drones, helicopters and other low-velocity airborne threats. 

ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” [Daisy] system is an effect of cooperation between the WB Group’s Arex company and the Ukrainian Artem entity belonging to the Ukroboronprom group. ZRN-1 system is based on a highly mobile STAR 266M2 6×6 platform, which accommodates a rotating base for a launcher armed with two B8W20 rocket pods, usually employed in aviation applications. These are typical Russian-standard unguided rocket launchers used e.g. in case of the Mi-24 and Mi-8/17 helicopters. The launch pods as such carry 80 mm unguided rockets. Here, RS-80P rockets have been used, with Artem’s programmable fuse.

Thanks to the use of the Topaz fire control system that makes use of the data provided by a radar and the GS400 optronic sensor mounted on the platform, “Stokrotka” may be used to precisely attack ground targets at distances of up to 6 kilometres. What is more, thanks to the programmable warhead system, not only can the system be used against infantry, artillery or light armoured vehicles, but also to counter UAV systems or helicopters flying at low altitudes, at a range of up to 4 kilometres. 

The whole package, despite its apparent simplicity, offers a high degree of mobility and a lot of firepower at an affordable price. The solution makes it possible to utilize the old post-soviet launchers and rockets, following a proper upgrade, as means of support for own units. The launcher may be, along with the fire control system, easily integrated with other platforms, including armoured vehicles.