MSPO 2021: Topaz System Integration with the Brimstone ATGM

Image: WB Group
Image: WB Group

WB Group announced, during the MSPO 2021 event, that it has integrated the Brimstone missile, with the Topaz battle management system (utilized by the Polish Rocket/Artillery Units, under designation ZZKO Topaz, with the acronym standing for an Automated Fire Control System).

MBDA Brimstone is a system of supersonic ATGMs that are operated by the British military. The primary guidance system that the Brimstone missile utilizes is the active RF seeker. However, laser guidance may also be used, in parallel.

The MBDA representatives stress that the guidance system used makes it possible to simultaneously neutralize multiple threats. Brimstone is suitable for being used on both land, as well as air platforms, be it manned or unmanned. The RAF uses the missile on the Eurofighter jets, before that they had also been integrated on Tornadoes. Recently, the British Army expressed its interest in employing this missile on its land platforms.

Brimstone is also one of the proposals in the Polish Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer programme - a fire module for tank destroyers is to be procured within the scope of this project. The new platforms would be operated, among other elements, by the resurrected 14th Anti-Tank Regiment, stationed in Suwałki. The Ottokar-Brzoza programme assumes that the ATGM would be procured from an external partner. Then, the effector in question is to be integrated on a tracked/wheeled platform, designated by the Ordering Party.

Responding to the requirements expressed through the Ottokar-Brzoza programme, MBDA and the WB Group decided to integrate the Brimstone missile within the Topaz BMS architecture, with the latter already being a part of the inventory of the Polish Rocket/Tube Artillery component. The WB Group’s representatives stress the fact that the Polish engineers, within the framework of agreements and consents signed, have received all data required to perform a “full integration of the TOPAZ system with the asset used for neutralization of heavy armour”.

Within the framework of the tests, carried out with the use of the Hardware in the Loop methodology, solutions were tested for launchers and Topaz integration. System ready for integration on a vehicular platform has been showcased this year at MSPO. The integration of the weapon with Topaz enhances the command processes, but also makes it possible to utilize intel gathered by reconnaissance assets, such as the FlyEye UAV, and the Artillery Reconnaissance Vehicles (AWR).

Rosomak integrated with the ZSSW-30 turret. Spike-LR ATGM launcher is visible. Image Credit: Maciej Szopa/

The WB Group's representatives emphasize their readiness to integrate other ATGM types with the Topaz BMS solution. They note that the WB Group utilizes Topaz and Fonet intercom systems for the integration of different weapons systems. ZSSW-30 turret is another prime example of the WB's ability to integrate a variety of systems - the turret features a 30 mm automatic gun, a coaxial machine gun, and a dual Spike-LR ATGM launcher. ZSSW-30 is showcased this year, at MSPO - on the Polish Rosomak APC. HSW S.A. is the leader of the ZSSW-30 project, while WB Electronics is one of the consortium partners.