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New cable-laying vehicles on the Jelcz chassis

  • Obraz Wenus w ultrafiolecie, w obiektywie sondy Pioneer Venus Orbiter. Fot. NASA/JPL

The Armament Inspectorate signed the contract with the Vocational Training Centre in Cracow for the supply of 19 WWK-10/C Nodal Cable-Laying Vehicles, on the Jelcz 442.32 chassis  with the six-person cabin. The implementation of contract of a value of 29 million PLN is planned for the 2014-2015 years. 

The nodal cable-laying vehicle is a component element of the “STORCZYK” digital radio line-cable communication system. In connection with the RWŁC-10/T and RWŁC-10/K units and communication and IT units, it enables to create a field structure of communication and IT network, for the purpose of proper information exchange in the area where the command posts of divisions and troops are functioning.

WWK-10/C and its equipment are designed for construction of cable connections between the components of communication system, by means of copper cables or optical fibres. The equipment is compatible with the existing solutions of modern command and communication systems.

The vehicle is produced pursuant to the STANAG standards applicable in the NATO. Its accessories, thanks to the conversion devices that are part of the equipment, enable to interconnect the allied elements of communication junction together.

So far the WWK-10/C vehicles have been installed on the Star 944 DK chassis. The current contract includes 19 machines (two versions of assembly) based on the chassis of new Jelcz 442.32 trucks, which are intended to replace gradually the older trucks and truck and off-road vehicles of different types in the Polish Army.