New Ukrainian Helicopter Engine Certified. PZL Sokół Variant May Be Expected in June.

  • Image Credit: st. chor. Adam ROIK/Combat Camera DO SZ Photo Journalist Team

Motor Sich company has obtained a certificate of the IAC for the MS-500V-1 engine.MS-500V-3 model, currently under development at the Motor Sich facility, is expected to be used with the W-3 Sokół helicopter.Test programme and initial runs of the prototype example are planned to happen in June this year.

MS-500V-01 engine has a take-off power output of 810 horsepower, and it may be installed on light helicopters, with take-off weight of 4.5-5 tonnes. MS-500 engines form a family of varied units, that may be used for a number of purposes. On the basis of a single gas turbine, several engines have been created, with power output ranging from 600 to 1200 horsepower. At the moment, MS-500V-3 variant is being developed. The peculiar feature of this version may be noted - its shaft is mounted at the back of the engine.

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Such solution is applied due to the fact that the main gearbox is placed behind the engine, in case of the airframes in which this variant is to be applied – the Polish-made W-3 Sokół helicopter. Motor Sich company also considered using the engine in question within the project of retrofitting the W-3 Sokół helicopters with a new powerplant. The initiative has been considered at least from mid-2014, when the relevant works on the project began. MS-500V-3 variant is to have a power output of 950 HP, making it possible to install it with the use of the currently applied gearbox. Should a new gearbox be applied, MS-500 engine variant with power output of up to 1100 horsepower may be used.

As the representatives of the Motor Sich company claim, works related to designing the systems for the MS-500 engine which is to be fitted on the W-3 Sokół helicopter have come to an end. MS-500V-3 engine works are also being finalized. This unit is expected to be used in that project. Test programme and initial runs of the prototype example are planned to happen in June this year.