PIAP Robots Delivered to Vietnam

Image Credit: PIAP
Image Credit: PIAP

ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP has just accomplished delivery of EXPERT-S mobile robots and VERA explosive containment vessels and bomb disposal vehicles.

In early September 2019 ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP finalized the order concerning three independent equipment kits for the bomb disposal units of the Armed Forces of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The individual packages included:

  • EXPERT-S mobile robot (supporting/neutralizing role)
  • Bomb disposal unit vehicle with a full spectrum of equipment required to neutralize threats related to a variety of explosive charges.
  • Ventilated VERA explosive containment vessel.

EXPERT-S mobile robot has been designed for use inside vehicles and means of transportation. The design brings two contradictory requirements together. The small platform makes it possible to maneuver in tight and narrow spaces, and it also features a manipulator arm that is 3 meters long which makes it possible to reach for objects in hardly accessible areas. Deployable side stabilizers are an innovative solution here, making it possible to securely lock and stabilize the mobile platform between the rows of the seats for instance. The system features six cameras and the front tracks with variable inclination ensure stability of the robot when going over high obstacles and staircases.

The bomb disposal ambulance based on the latest Mercedes Sprinter has been specially tailored and designed to carry the EXPERT-S robot. The vehicle was designed and equipped by the Radom-based Zeszuta Sp. z o.o. company.

Meanwhile, Polish Jakusz company based in Kościerzyna manufactured a ventilated explosive containment vessel also known as VERA. Its purpose is to safely transport/isolate hazardous materials, with yield equivalent of up to 5 kilograms of TNT. The explosive charges may be then transported to the location where they may be safely neutralized. The vessel has been placed on a two-axle trailer that may also move around public roads.