PIT-Radwar Attending a Warships-Focused Conference

Image Credit: PIT-Radwar
Image Credit: PIT-Radwar

PIT-Radwar is involved in the International Frigate Working Group meeting held at the Polish Naval Academy. The company is showcasing its AM-35 naval gun.

The Polish Naval Academy has become a venue for a meeting of the International Frigate Working Group. The event is held from 24th until 30th April. The conference involves representatives of the countries operating the OHP frigates who share their experience related to operational use of the vessel. This year’s IFWG meeting involves delegates from the United States of America, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Spain, Philippines and Nigeria.

The AM-35 cannon based vessel gun destined to act against air threats flying at low and medium altitudes was being presented by PIT-RADWAR during the meeting. 

The system is based on the KDA cannon that is being license manufactured at HSW. Originally the technology was acquired with the Loara AAA system in mind. The first AM-35 example has been installed on the ORP Kaszub corvette. It is expected that the system would also become a part of the armament carried by the Kormoran II class minehunters and other vessels - in the future.

Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR