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PIT-RADWAR To Support the ZENIT System

Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR
Image Credit: PIT-RADWAR

PIT-RADWAR S.A. has signed an agreement with the 2nd Regional Logistics Base (2. RBLog) of the Polish military, concerning modification and repairs of the ZENIT P and ZENIT B weapons control systems.

ZENIT system is used for the purpose of supporting the C2 operations involving the national air defence assets. It is to be utilized for the purpose of exchanging data within the national command system. PIT-RADWAR has been the supplier of the Zenit system elements in the early 1980s.

Modification and overhauls that are covered by the agreement are aimed at preparing the vehicles for being a part of the Łowcza-Rega system. It would be based on solutions utilized in PIT-RADWAR S.A. products that would form a platform that could be extendable for the purpose of creating a scalable air defence C2 solution.

PIT-RADWAR S.A. is the manufacturer of radars, terminals and C2 systems software altogether forming the ŁOWCZA-REGA system. The company also remains in possession of know-how and expertise and competencies guaranteeing a diligent performance of the agreement in a timely manner. 

President of the Management Board at PIT-RADWAR, Krzysztof Kluza

As noted by PIT-RADWAR in its press release, the undertaken work ensures effective processing of the data provided by radars (NUR-21M, Soła, Bystra) and subordinated C2 systems such as ŁOWCZA, the purpose of which is to carry out command processes at the squadron and battery commander level with orders being sent to platoon and squad commanders utilizing the Rega-3 and Rega-4 terminals.

The agreement has a pricetag of almost 36.3 million zlotys.