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Poland Looks Forward to Buy Micro-UAV’s

The Armament Inspectorate has published information on intentions of starting a technical dialogue. It is to be related to expected procurement of micro-UAV’s for  the Polish Army.

Thee aim of the above-mentioned technical dialogue is to assess the initial requirements, define the capabilities of the Polish industry that may be used within the scope of the project, estimate the costs and time needed to procure the new UAV system and obtain information which may become useful when defining the technical requirements – as the Armament Inspectorate states.

Micro-UAV’s that meet the requirements defined by the Armament Inspectorate may be included in the dialogue. The requirements are as follows:

  1. The UAV needs to be VTOL-capable.
  2. Maximum take-off weight of the aerial platform, which is prepared to fulfill the required task, cannot exceed value of 2 kg.
  3. Range of the system, when maintaining full communication with the ground station, in conditions when the antennas are visible (Line-Of-Sight, LOS) cannot be smaller than 1500 m.
  4. Flight time – at least 25 minutes.
  5. The UAV needs to be capable, in some of its variants, of using a camera which would operate in visible light and IR spectra.
  6. Diameter or largest dimension of the aerial platform in horizontal plane, with extended (ready for flight) propulsion system, cannot exceed 50 cm, and the platform cannot be higher than 30 cm.
  7. The system, after gathering all the elements together, needs to transported by a single operator.

Companies that will to participate in the technical dialogue need to express their intention in writing, in Polish languae, until 28th November 2014. The Armament Inspectorate aims at completing the technical dialogue until the end of March 2015. The subjects participating will receive full RFI from the inspectorate. After the document is supplied, meetings may be possible in order to discuss the requirements regarding the project and to present the proposed solutions.

The Armament Inspectorate claims that analysis of the solutions already present in the market will be carried out at the beginning of the technical dialogue – it is to be used to define a potential list of contractors.