Armed Forces

Poland Purchases UAVs for Brigades and Elements of the Polish Army

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The Armament Inspectorate has started a procedure, aim which is to make it possible to acquire UAVs for the Polish Army within the two following categories: tactical, short range UAVs, dubbed “Orlik” and Mini-UAVs, dubbed „Wizjer”, along with a logistics bundle and respective training systems. The procedure is being carried out with exclusion of the Public Procurement Law, which means that it is governed by the rules used within the scope of the orders applied in the field of defence and security.

Conclusions of the technical dialogue carried out back in 2013, regarding the various types of UAVs, are the basis for the tactical and technical requirements used within the tender. The Armament Inspectorate is willing to acquire unmanned aerial vehicles along with the control systems and maintenance. These UAVs are going to be used, within the following categories:

  1. Short range Tactical UAVs also known as „Orlik”,  which are to be used at the brigade level. Polish Ministry of Defence plans to acquire 12 “Orlik” UAVs along with the training system and maintenance bundle until 2022. There is an option of further procurement, which, if it is to happen, would be organized by 2027.
  2. Mini UAVs also known as “Wizjer”, which are to be used at the element level. 15 UAVs, along with maintenance/logistics and training bundles  are to be delivered by 2017.

The whole procedure, which aims at acquisition of the new UAV will not be carried out as a tender. Instead, purchase will be realized in a way which aims at protection of the basic security interest of the country. This means that Public procurement law would be irrelevant, and all activities would be carried out in accordance with  „Decision No. 92/MON” made by the Minister of Defence on 21st March 2014. This decision regulates the detailed procedures within the scope of qualifying and assessing the orders for presence of the basic security interest. Instead of a tender, the whole process will be realized as an open order.

The bidders who would meet the formal requirements would gain access to the detailed information related to the procedures, including the technical requirements. On the basis of the aforementioned information they will be able to place the initial offers, without mentioning the price. Bidders who meet the requirements and who will be accepted to take part in the procedure will negotiate the conditions until the moment of placing the ultimate technical and financial offers, among which the final contractor will be selected. The requests asking for being accepted in the procedure may be placed until 16th February this year. The procedure is to be completed, and agreements are to be concluded at the beginning of next year.

Procurement of the UAVs is a part of the armed forces technical modernization plan, which is to be implemented within the period between 2013 and 2022. The plan assumes that more than 80 UAVs of various types would be acquired, starting from VTOL aircraft and Mini-UAVs with classic configuration, finishing with large MALE armed UAVs.