Poland to Establish Leopard 2A5 Simulation Center

Fot. szer. Paweł Bednarczyk / 1WBPanc
Fot. szer. Paweł Bednarczyk / 1WBPanc

The training centre at the tank unit in Wesoła shall be opened by the end of 2023. It would feature a set of simulators capable of providing training for Leopard 2A5 elements. The above would allow the 1st Armoured Brigade to gain full training readiness.

Let us recall that acquisition of the Leopard 2A5 simulators has been embedded within the framework of the Technical Modernization Plan. The plan to finalize investment in Wesoła (near Warsaw) in 2023 means that a procurement process would begin this year or next year, at the latest, when it comes to those simulators.

According to the information provided by the MoD’s Operational Center, documentation is now being prepared with regards to the establishment of a training center for the 1st “Warszawska” Armoured Brigade. The investment is also to involve the acquisition of simulators.

The planned investment aimed at establishment of a training center in Wesoła is in progress. The documentation preparation stage is taking place now. The whole investment shall be completed in 2023. A Simulator Set, designed for Training of Leopard 2A5 MBT Elements is planned to be acquired for the 1st Armoured Brigade. The documentation is being prepared by the Armament Inspectorate in collaboration with the General Command. The Warsaw-based brigade shall reach training readiness immediately after the investment is completed.

Operational Centre at the Polish MoD

The training centre is not the only investment that is to allow the 1st Brigade to gain full readiness after taking over the Leopard 2 platforms, formerly owned by the 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade based in Żagań, in South-West Poland. The MBTs were being transferred since 2017. Garages for 128 Leopard 2 MBTs are expected to be handed off in 2022.

The 1st “Warszawska” Armoured Brigade has become a part of the newly formed 18th Mechanized Division (HQ in Siedlce), in late August 2019.