Air Force

Polish Air Force Acquires Thermal Countermeasures For The F-16 Fighters

The Armament Inspectorate announced a tender, the aim of which is to procure almost 70 thousand flares for the F-16 jet fighters.

MJU-7A/B flares are to be procured, and they are to be delivered to the 31st AFB in Krzesiny and 32nd AFB in Lask. The flares are used as a passive countermeasure, protecting the F-16 jets from anti-aircraft IR-guided missiles.

MJU-7A/B flares are to be delivered in kits with the BBU-36/B impulse cartridges, used to activate the flare. The procurement is going to be realized in several stages between 2016 and 2018. During the year 2016 the Air Force is willing to acquire 19,440 flares, in 2017 - 6,480 flares and 43,000 flares are to be procured in 2018.

Requests, regarding the inclusion in the proceedings, may be placed until 12th January 2016.