Polish and Portuguese Soldiers Deployed to Lithuania

  • Polskie uzbrojenie mogłoby zostać wykorzystane np. w modernizacji śmigłowców Mi-24. Fot. por. nawig. Ryszard Sikora
  • Fot. Pixabay

Polish soldiers of the 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade have entered the territory of Lithuania, where they are to be involved in a one month long exercise along with the Lithuanian Army and other NATO units tasked with reinforcement of the Eastern Flank.

The Polish detachment, consisting of 150 soldiers of the 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment, equipped with several vehicles, including the Rosomak APCs, has been deployed in Lithuania at the beginning of November this year. The whole Polish component, which is destined to take part in the Iron Sword-16 operation, is being commanded by Cpt. Damian Ćwierkiewicz.

The Lithuanian MoD recalled the fact that Portuguese troops hailing from the 4th Artillery Battalion have also maintained presence in Lithuania, since the early July. The Polish unit in Lithuania is taking the responsibility over from the Portuguese unit, replacing it. Iron Sword exercise is to involve, on the other hand, the US paratroopers of the “Sky Soldiers” 173rd Airborne Brigade, along with troops from several other NATO member states.

Within the framework of the said joint exercise, the individual elements are going to cover movement and deployment tactics, combat support and operations within peculiar battle environments. The main goal of the operation was to integrate the multinational attack and defence tactics, with the latter ones applied in a fortified area.

The deployment of the 17th Brigade element is not the first initiative of this type, as back in June, soldiers of the 12th Mechanized Brigade from Stettin took part in the Iron Wolf 2016 operation.