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Polish Army In Search of New Rockets for the Langusta System

Image Credit: CO MON
Image Credit: CO MON

The Armament Inspectorate announced its intention to begin a technical dialogue concerning the 122 mm rockets for the WR-40, RM-70 and BM-21 multiple rocket launchers. The applications for the dialogue may be submitted until 5th July 2019 and it is to end in late September.

The dialogue concerns HE-warhead rockets for the 122 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launch systems operated by the Polish military. The above refers to the original Soviet BM-21 Grad systems, along with their Czech RM-70 derivative and the Polish WR-40 Langusta solution. There is no information available on the performance requirements, however it is justified to think that the dialogue would concern extended range rockets or rockets modified in a different manner that would offer a performance boost.

It was back in October last year when deputy Minister of Defence, Wojciech Skurkiewicz, announced, responding to a parliamentary question submitted by MP Anna Maria Siarkowska, that it is planned to acquire new types of rockets for the aforesaid systems. The above applies to HE extended range rockets and to initiation of research on rockets with a proximity fuse and ones that would include guidance systems.

The goal of the dialogue could be to acquire Mesko 122 mm Feniks FHE extended range rockets (range exceeding 40 kilometers, 42 kilometers as per manufacturer’s declaration). Feniks FHE could be further developed, for instance through addition of a guidance system. However, no detailed information has been made available in the dialogue announcement.

Juliusz Sabak