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Polish Army Looks To Acquire Rugged GPS Units

  • Ilustracja: Lockheed Martin
    Ilustracja: Lockheed Martin

The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence announced a tender, the aim of which to acquire 1244 military-grade GPS units featuring the SAASM (Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module) system. The new navigation devices are to come in a platform-mounted variety.

The deliveries are expected to be finalized within 36 months from the date of conclusion of the agreement, and the 2nd Regional Logistics Base in Zgierz is going to be the recipient of the acquired equipment. The basic order conditions assume that 760 GPS receiver units are going to be procured, with optional extension of the order – optional procurement of another 484 examples is assumed here.

The Supplier is going to be selected on the basis of the three following criteria: price (weight of 70%), guarantee (weight of 20%) and delivery deadline (weight of 10%). Final request placing deadline, related to the requests for being included in the proceedings, expires on 8th June 2016.

Hertz System is the most probable winner of the tender who could be selected as a result of the procedure carried out. This company has been supplying the Polish Army with GPS devices in the past, both in portable, as well as in onboard variants. The latest solution proposed by Hertz is the HGPST T-FTS suite presented during the Kielce MSPO 2015 Defence Exhibition, fitted with a SAASM module and Ethernet interface. This receiver uses an internal frequency and time standard module (10 MHz/1PPS), disciplined by the GPS or UTC system, thanks to which it may be used within the platform also for the purpose of synchronizing the devices that are being operated in a network infrastructure.