Polish Army Wants More SCT Rubin Thermal Sights

The Armament Inspectorate of Poland started negotiations with the PCO S.A. company, aiming at procurement of 200 thermal-vision SCT Rubin scopes. These are regarded as one of the components of Tytan future soldier equipment system. At the moment neither the value of the contract, nor the planned supply schedule are known.

In accordance with the information published on 5th November 2014, the Armament Inspectorate plans to procure another batch of SCT Rubin thermal scopes. Until now the Polish Army Units had only 196 such targeting devices in their inventory. According to the Inspectorate, this is a justifying factor for procurement of larger quantities of such equipment, without creating any tender procedures.

The Ordering Party considers renewal of the supplies of SCT RUBIN thermal gun-sights by the same contractor i.e. the PCO Company (...) to be necessary. In order to avoid procurement of different products, which would cause difficulties in operation (including training), maintenance and logistics, there is a need of purchasing the equipment from the previous Contractor. In the eyes of the Ordering Party, a single-source procurement procedure is justified.

As we can read in the relevant document published by the Armament Inspectorate

In accordance with the information obtained by, both the deadline, as well as the price of the contract, will be a subject of negotiation. What is more – the place where the supply is to be realized suggests that the sights will be received by one of the Special Operations units from the Cracow area.

SCT Rubin thermal sight is used both for observation of the battlefield and target detection, as well as for effective engagements in any weather and light conditions. The scope makes it possible to detect human-sized targets at distances of up to 1200 meters. The images from the sight may be transmitted to the on-helmet-display, which would make it possible to fire the weapon or carry out observation without getting exposed to the enemy fire. The sight is mounted with the use of standard Picatinny MIL-STD1913 rail – it may be used with any modern gun,  and its memory may store parameters of several types of weapons and ammo.

SCT Rubin is used, inter alia, on Type 96 Beryl rifle, 12.7 mm Tor sniper rifle and UKM 2000 7.62 mm machine gun. Together with MSBS-5.56mm carbine it is also a component of the Tytan future soldier system, which is to enter service in the Polish Army by 2016.