Polish-Czech Lampart 15 Exercise

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Nowa Dęba Land Forces Field Training Center, between 27th November and 1st December 2015, became a theatre for a tactical exercise also known as LAMPART - 15. The operation was being carried out by the command of the Polish 21st Highland Brigade. The exercise involved ca. 1000 soldiers of the Brigade – coming from the 1st Highland Battalion from Rzeszów and 16th Sappers’ Battalion stationed in Nisko, along with a platoon coming from the Czech 7th Mechanized Brigade.  

Within the period between 27th November and 1st December 2015, LAMPART-15 exercise has been organized at the Polish Nowa Dęba Land Forces Field Training Center. The operation involved ca. 1000 soldiers from the 1st Highland Battalion based in Rzeszów, and 16th Sappers Battalion from Nisko. These forces were supported by a platoon coming from the 7th Mechanized Brigade of the Czech Army.

Rzeszów based command of the 21st Highland Brigade was in charge of the whole exercise. The plan assumed that the highland elements are going to take defensive stance. The scenario was not related to any existing neighbouring state. The exercise was focused on testing the command effectiveness at the tactical level. The orders provided by the leadership, and the decisions undertaken by the commanders, were being realized on a practical level, within the field operations undertaken by the subordinated elements.

Involvement of the Czech soldiers results from cooperation between the brigades, which has been initiated as early as in 2013. The first elements exchange initiative took place in July this year, when a platoon of the 22nd Highland Infantry Battalion from Kłodzko was involved in the Czech Moving Guard III exercise. The operations took place at the Libava range and at the shooting range of the 72nd Mechanized Battalion in Praslavice.